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Meet Our Culinary Director

Culinary Director Melanie Dunbar

Melanie Dunbar

Chef Melanie Dunbar is the Culinary Director at My Belly Burner.  Melanie grew up in the beautiful garden state of New Jersey and has been picking and growing fruits and vegetables for as long as she can remember.  Food is truly a shared love and passion of Melanie.

Melanie was inspired by a foods and nutrition teacher in her high school years while working through many facets of the food service industry.  Melanie wanted more from her love of food, which led her to graduate from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y.  Melanie is also a member of the ACF and Chef’s Collaborative.   

Chef Melanie has learned from some of the best Chefs near and far!  Working on Oceania Cruise Lines as a Chef Instructor exposed Melanie to worldwide beauty of people, culture, ingredients, dishes and delicacies.  Working for McCormick & Co. as their Culinary Training and Development Manager gave Melanie great insight into recipe and product innovation, creative and collaborative tasting menus for their products and the food service industry, along with meeting so many wonderful people from the U.S.A. and abroad with both local flavors and tastes to share and those more foreign flavor trends.

We have invited Chef Melanie Dunbar to be our Culinary Director here at My Belly Burner and she has made raving fitness food fans out of us here at MBB and know she will fuel your fitness with her Mediterranean inspired and plant based focused 14 day diet detox.  These easy and delicious meals can be made in minutes and last you the entire week! 

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