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The My Belly Burner® 14 Day Meal Plan will help you get your “daily eats” back in shape, where it becomes a go-to, good-for-you daily dish of choice, no longer a “quick cleanse or diet”.

Our Mediterranean inspired meal plan, focuses more on plant-based recipes, limiting animal fats and proteins, with ancient, common and new-age ingredients, which are instrumental in reclaiming your health.

With our approachable ingredients and recipes that encourage and inspire you to “play with your food” and have healthy, flavorful fun, cooking (only) twice for the week, if preferred.

The My Belly Burner® 14 Day Meal Plan offers edible options and opportunities to have “3 square meals” or “6 to 8 small meals” throughout your day with limited ingredients to purchase, found in most major foodstores or online at reasonable costs.

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